Please Teach Me How To Promote My Blog

I do not know how to.

Actually, I do not need to know how to. My personal blog is simply a blog about my observations and experiences of traveling. Of course, I would like other people to read, benefit from and leave comments on the blog. I love the interaction and knowing where my readers are located.

The overwhelming majority of my readers are from primarily English-speaking countries (or countries where English is heavily taught) such as the United States, India, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Philippines and Singapore (as much of my travels have taken place in those last two countries), but also Germany, Russia and China.

I also know that I have readers in almost each and every country except for, somewhat mysteriously, large parts of central Africa and central Asia.

Most importantly, I do know how to promote my blog. Even though I do not use all of the following techniques (because my blog is primarily a labor of love), I do use many, and I do know that these will work if you want to promote your blog.

1. Use Twitter

As a blogger, I have an antipathy toward Twitter. However, I do understand the concept and realize that it can be advantageous. After writing the blog post, tweet your post with an attention-grabbing headline. I recently sent a message of “scrambled eggs on a stale, musty, salty beach” even though the post was about an air freshener (written as part of a blogging contest, which leads me to offer yet another tip of promoting your blog: enter blogging contests). Most importantly, do what you want others to do. If you want other people on Twitter to read your blog posts, then read the posts of others and leave tweets or comments at the blog.

2. Other social media

I have a love affair with Google. It all started with Orkut (perhaps defunct by the time you read this), which led me to Blogger, Gmail, Google+ and Google Calendar. In fact, I am typing this on Google Docs (apparently called Google Drive, now). Regardless, you can promote your blog via LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and RSS feeds. There are also communities of bloggers, both at Google+ and online. I belong to and to

3. Do what you want others to do

If you want others to read your posts and to leave comments on them then you should read others’ blogs and to leave favorable comments on them. You can do this via the above-mentioned communities or by searching for blogs similar to yours via a Google search.

4. Using SEO

I confess that I am somewhat of an infant regarding SEO or search engine optimization, and do not fully comprehend it. In essence, though, it is about writing about something without writing about it; it is about using keywords. In this article, it is to promote your blog. However, use it naturally and do not inundate the readers with it; otherwise, they will never return to your blog again. Most of all, I–and Google–believe that content is king. Write good quality articles with an intriguing title and everything else will be easier.

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